Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Who is the target user of Salary Source?
    • Salary Source was built for professionals with Compensation responsibility. Organizations of all sizes (50 to 15,000 employees) and a dedicated Human Resource professional will benefit, particularly those managing data in a spreadsheet and those with a limited budget.
  1. How do I know Salary Source will work for me?
    • We won’t sell it to you if we aren’t 100% convinced Salary Source will help re-engineer your processes. We will discuss your situation in detail with you before you purchase, and refer you to alternate products if we don’t think we are a good fit for your organization.
  1. What program was used to build Salary Source?
    • Salary Source is a database application built in Access, a relational database that has been part of Microsoft Office since 1992. Microsoft Office, including Excel and Access, are required. The latest version of Office is recommended.
  1. Is Salary Source multi-user?
    • Yes, the shared data is saved in a single folder, in a single database file. Access is multi-user out of the box. Each user installs their own application file, which links to the shared data file. We recommend no more than 6 simultaneous users to maintain speed. Note: Your speed will depend on your location in relation to the shared data file and the speed of your server connection.
  1. Do I need to learn Microsoft Access?
    • No, however beginner or intermediate Access skills will allow you to create your own queries and reports. You can also perform further analysis in Excel when needed, as all data is easily copied/pasted or exported.
  1. Does my IT department need to be heavily involved?
    • No, however you may need them to install Access if you don’t already have it installed. IT may also assist in downloading, saving and unzipping the installation files.
  1. How is security handled?
    • Your application data is saved in a secure HR folder on your server. Your organization chooses who has access to that folder through network security.
  1. What does Salary Source cost?
    • Salary Source is available for a one time fee of $5000. This includes minor customization, if required, data installation, and support.
  1. How long will it take to implement Salary Source?
    • Approximately two weeks, assuming employee, job, match and survey data is readily available.
  1. What data is stored in Salary Source?
    • Your salary survey results, job matches, employee and job data. You may also save job pricing notes and comments.
  1. How will I receive Salary Source once I purchase it?
    • We will email you a link to download the .zip file, as well as a thumb drive with a backup for safe keeping.
  1. Can I export to Excel for further analysis such as pivots, graphs and analytics?
    • Absolutely, copy and paste or export any data.
  1. What customers do you have?
    • Salary Source is a new application however, I sold a market pricing product several years ago, Survey Sense, to approximately 50 clients.

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